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Gifting Tips for Downsizers

what you need to know about giving items away


As you prepare to downsize or move, give your loved ones unique and meaningful gifts! Instead of throwing away or donating cherished memories, gift those special items to someone you love. 

When sorting belongings:

  1. Have ziplock bags and sharpies at the ready

  2. Put special items in bags and label them for specific people

  3. Write a note or story about the item to share its meaning with your loved one

By sorting your belongings in this way, you can give away items in a thoughtful manner. Not only will you minimize your belongings, but you will also share those cherished memories with those who will appreciate the story. 


When family members come to visit, they can get confused or have difficulty seeing their path when waking up in the night. You can get something to make them more comfortable and aware of their surroundings! Motion-sensing lights help to illuminate the path to the bathroom or kitchen so that everyone can get there safely. Check them out:

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